Commercial and Multifamily Residential Incentive Calculator

The budget category for SoCalGas' low income and disadvantaged communities (DAC) customer class is oversubscribed. The remaining balance of funds will be allocated to those multifamily and single family low income and DAC applications in the order that they were submitted for review.

At this time, it is not known if any additional funds will be available. Applicants can either be placed on a waitlist, which does not guarantee that any additional low income or DAC funds will be available, or they can submit to the lower single family general market rate.

Use the incentive tracker to view the remaining budgets for the different customer classes.

The multifamily/commercial general market Step 2 customer class is out of funds for SoCalGas. We do not know if any additional funds will be available in the future for the multifamily/commercial general market sector.

Please download the User Guide for explanations of the inputs below.

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