The California Solar Initiative - Thermal Program is now accepting incentive applications for solar water heating systems for:

If you are not a licensed contractor or are not planning to install a system yourself, your contractor will submit and process a rebate application for you.

User Registration

All contractors or self-installers participating in the CSI-Thermal Program are required to attend a no-cost one-day training workshop. At the completion of the workshop, you will be issued a registration key that you can enter below to create an account to submit rebate applications for systems you install.

Please visit the links below for a schedule of workshops in your area and to sign up for a workshop. Once you have received a registration key, return to this page to register for an account. Successful registration is the final step to becoming an eligible contractor or self-installer in the CSI-Thermal Program.

Installer Workshops

For information about Installer Workshops, please visit:

User Registration